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Chiropractor Greensboro NC: Safe, Gentle, and Effective Care

At Chiropractor Greensboro NC, we use natural, gentle, and safe modern techniques to get the best results quickly. Our chiropractors and other specialists have been providing excellent care to our patients in Greensboro for more than 20 years. So, you can expect effective treatment and start feeling better quickly.

Our expert teams tailor treatment plans for an extensive range of conditions, from back pain and neck pain relief to headache treatment, scoliosis, arthritis, and more. We will make sure you get the best treatment for your condition and achieve the result you desire.


Decompression Therapy in Best Chiropractor Greensboro NC

Decompression Therapy

If you are suffering from back pain and may need surgery to treat it, our decompression therapy is an excellent solution to help you relieve the back pain. Know More

Acupuncture in Best Chiropractor Greensboro NC


Our specialists are trained and experienced in providing acupuncture treatment, so we guarantee you effective and safe procedures. Know More

Posture Corrector in Best Chiropractor Greensboro NC

Posture Corrector

We guarantee that your poor posture will be corrected using the best and most effective treatment and exercises. Know More

Massage Therapy in Best Chiropractor Greensboro NC

Massage Therapy

You can relax and relieve your stress while getting rid of the pain you are experiencing with our massage therapy. Know More

Pediatric Chiropractor in Best Chiropractor Greensboro NC

Pediatric Chiropractor

Allow your child to grow up straight by providing them the best chiropractic care for children. Know More

Sports Injuries Therapy in Best Chiropractor Greensboro NC

Sports Chiropractor

Our sports chiropractor is not only for athletes but also for people who are active and involved in any sports. Know More

Gonstead in Best Chiropractor Greensboro NC

Gonstead Chiropractic

We have specialists who are experts in different methods and techniques. So if you are looking for the best Gonstead chiropractic, you are in the right place. Know More

Why you should choose us?

As one of the leading chiropractic clinics in Greensboro, we select professionals who are dedicated to providing quality care and services to our clients.

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Our Therapists

David Smith - Chiropractor Therapist

David Smith

Chiropractor Therapist

Serina Doe - Backpain Therapist

Serina Doe

Backpain Therapist

Patrick Johnson - Chiropractor Therapist

Patrick Johnson

Chiropractor Therapist

Albert Pinto - Massage Therapist

Albert Pinto

Massage Therapist

Fix the Root Cause, Not Only the Symptom

Damage to the spine and the nervous system can lead to several health conditions, such as back and neck pain, headache, migraine, sciatica, and more. It is better to treat the symptoms than to suffer, but it would be best to fix the root cause of your condition. At Chiropractor Greensboro, we always determine the root cause underlying your spine and see if we can fix it or at least improve it.

  • Posture. If you think there is something wrong with your or your child’s posture, there is definitely a problem in your spine.
  • Spine Damage. Injury during birth, poor posture, and accidents are often the causes of spine damage. Heavy lifting can also be the cause.
  • Children. Several patients have their first damage to the spine in their childhood. If you think your child is not growing up properly and straight, it would be best to get them checked to determine the problem and treat it before it gets worse.


Best Chiropractor Greensboro NC Client Image

"They are my regular chiropractors. They are incredibly good at what they are doing. Their specialists were able to easily determine which parts of my back and neck needed adjustments. Every staff member is friendly and polite. Highly recommended!"

Asher N.

5-star Ratings Photo
Best Chiropractor Greensboro NC Client Image

"If you are suffering from back pain, headache, neck pain, or migraine, visiting this clinic is an excellent idea. Their chiropractors can help you relieve the pain and can also recommend some activities to do to keep a healthy life."

Christopher F.

5-star Ratings Photo
Best Chiropractor Greensboro NC Client Image

"I regularly visit their clinic as I am a believer in preventative medicine. Their chiropractors are caring, kind, gentle, and highly experienced. Highly recommended!"

Jaxon K.

5-star Ratings Photo

What To Expect When You Visit Chiropractor Greensboro NC

At CHIROPRACTOR IN GREENSBORO NC, our goal is to relieve the pain you are suffering and treat its root cause. We want to help you treat your condition or at least improve it so you can get back to moving freely and living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Initial Consultation

    The whole point of the initial consultation is to determine if we can fix your condition or not and to ensure you are in the right place to get the care you need for your condition.

    We gather information about your medical history, the history of the problem you are complaining about and then conduct a physical examination to confirm the presumption. But if necessary, we may ask for x-rays to get a better idea about your condition. Then, we proceed to explain the findings to you, and if we can help, we can start the treatment there and then with your permission.

  • Report of Finding

    On your second visit, we present to you our findings from the initial consultation, correspond with how you responded to the first treatment, and then discuss what we have to do to treat your condition.

  • Subsequent Treatments

    A variety of different techniques are used to help you achieve your goals, such as soft tissue release and massage, dry needling, spinal and extremity manipulative therapy, and joint mobilization. We watch closely on the progress on every visit, so we can make changes to the treatment plan if necessary to help you recover as fast as possible with the least amount of treatment.

  • Goals

    After relieving your pain and treating the cause of your condition, we want to keep your condition that way. By following the advice from our specialist, we aim to keep you functioning as you should be and achieve the best condition for your body.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When you need chiropractic care, you may wonder how much is a chiropractic session in Greensboro before deciding to make an appointment. The cost will vary depending on the treatment that you need. Typically, the cost for a chiropractic session would be approximately $30 to $200 per session.

Experiencing chronic pain due to an accident or sports injury may require you to visit a nearby chiropractor service. Before doing so, you can inquire how much is a chiropractor visit in Greensboro? On average, the first visit can cost you $30 (this will be covered from your health insurance for 100%) to $45 without insurance. However, the average cost for a chiropractor visit is $65.

We see some videos where they show how backs are cracked, joints clicking and popping. These are some services that chiropractors do, but how much does a chiropractor cost to crack your back in Greensboro? The adjustment can cost $65 for a general vertebrae adjustment.

Combining chiropractic and massage therapy has benefits. Massage works very well with chiropractic to provide overall wellness. With this, how much does a massage cost in Greensboro? Chiropractors charge an average of $42 for the massage session.

Acupuncture is known as an alternative medicine where needles are inserted in the body. The key component of traditional Chinese medicine. Nowadays, acupuncture has been used to help treat chronic pain but does insurance cover acupuncture in Greensboro? Most of the health insurance covers acupuncture treatment. You can find out and confirm by calling your insurance company if they provide acupuncture benefits.

Chiropractic treatment may require you for a frequent visit but how long does a chiropractic adjustment last? Typically, this will last 9 to 10 weeks. The standard schedule for a chiropractic adjustment is one week which can last 9 to 10 weeks.

Neck pain, back pain, joint pain, these are some experiences that you should seek immediate chiropractic care. Before availing the service, you may want to know first how much does a chiropractor cost in Greensboro? The average session fee is $65. Sessions can range from $34 to $106 per session depending on your location, how many regions of your spine are needed to be checked, and if other exams are required.

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Searching for a professional and reliable chiropractor in Greensboro? We completely understand that choosing a chiropractor is a significant decision, especially if it is your first time. At Chiropractor Greensboro NC, we provide our patients with solutions to help when dealing with pain and injuries by getting to the root cause of their problem and helping their body to heal naturally. Book your appointment today!