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Gonstead Chiropractic Greensboro NC - more than just an adjustment

There are branches of chiropractic adjustments, and they offer various benefits. But only one stands out among the rest. The Gonstead system uses the foundations of chiropractic practices which locates the leading cause of the discomfort. Gonstead Chiropractic Greensboro evaluates the spine, which then focuses on the nervous system. The method for the spinal assessment is accurate compared to other chiropractic practices.

The main critical points of the Gonstead system

Gonstead Chiropractic Greensboro NC
  • Visualization. The moment a patient walks in for a consultation, the practitioner assesses the posture and gait to pinpoint the source of the problem.

  • Instrumentation. In analyzing the spine, a device called a nervoscope is used, and it is a trusted apparatus used by Gonstead practitioners. The machine measures the uneven heat circulation from the spine that can establish nerve pressure and swelling. The nervoscope is then navigated from the back of the spine in an upward and downward motion.

  • Static Palpation. This is a method wherein the patient’s spine is palpated while sitting in place. The back will be assessed for swelling, tenderness, or any peculiar sensation in the muscle and tissue of the back.

  • Motion Palpation. The chiropractor will assess the spine of the patient from all angles as the patient moves. This will determine the person’s full range of motion.

  • X-Ray. This machine allows better appreciation of the entire spine by doctors or other medical practitioners. This is best used when assessing the joints, disc integrity, and posture. In the Gonstead practice, the patient is in an upright position while standing to preserve the weight-bearing function for better appreciation.

After the patient is assessed, the chiropractor will determine if the person will have neck adjustment or other chiropractic manipulation. Adjustments via the Gonstead process are precise, distinct, and nearly perfect, focusing on the misalignment of the spine. The adjustment is mainly performed by the hand, adding gentle pressure in a focused and quick fashion. As the session is ongoing, the practitioner will make sure that the client is not in any form of stress while maintaining proper Posture Corrector Greensboro NC to make sure the session is according to the safety standards of the practitioner.

After the session, the body will naturally heal on its own, restoring the function of the spine, thus improving the range of motion of an individual.

Gonstead Chiropractic Greensboro has been in practice for a while in our local area. By using our approach, we provide a safe and gentle process. People, in general, have misconceptions of chiropractic adjustments, and the practice has garnered a bad reputation. The process is done by a certified Gonstead chiropractic practitioner who has undergone training, licensing, and certification.

The practice was founded by Dr. Clarence Gonstead, who was a mechanical engineer. He incorporated his knowledge of his former degree in the study of the human spine. He found a unique way to manipulate the spine without causing danger safely. He revolutionized chiropractic practice through his research.

What is Gonstead different from other chiropractic practices?

The focus of this practice is mainly on the body’s intervertebral discs and structural foundation. The practitioner observes the patient and determines the discomfort’s source by checking spine misalignments, motion disturbances, imbalance, or anything pertaining to the body’s natural equilibrium.

If you have any inquiries about the process of spinal and neck adjustment, contact us.

Gonstead chiropractic is known worldwide. One of the perks of this treatment is when you go for a vacation, you can resume your treatment and your treatment remains the same. All Gonstead practitioners have one goal: to properly align partial dislocation of the spine to have better and more comfortable movements. Call Gonstead Best Chiropractor Greensboro NC to book an appointment.